MediaPro refugee looking for a new home for my DAM

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MediaPro refugee looking for a new home for my DAM


First, sorry for the lengthy post. I'm trying to give as complete of picture as I can so I don't waste people's time in a lot back and forth posts trying to get the big picture of what I'm asking.

For my DAM I've been using PhaseOne/CaptureOne's Media Pro (formerly iView before they sold out to Microsoft who then sold it to PhaseOne) since 2005. I LOVE IT! It's rock solid and does all I need it to do. It just makes sense to my brain. It has metadata templates. It has collections. You can filter on multiple criteria, etc. For me the point of metadata is to be able to document the picture AND find what I need later and create virtual groupings. MediaPro does that for me and more.

However, PhaseOne has decided to end-of-life it and not create a 64-bit version so I have to change to something else. I've been beating my head against the wall for months evaluating different pieces of software to do the job and I still haven't landed a solution yet. The more research I do, the more packages get added to the list to try.

So, the fundamental gist of my question is: What DAM out there is the most similar to MediaPro? Especially if you were a MediaPro user, what DAM have you migrated to?

My other question is: From the lengthy list below, are there any that y'all can help me eliminate given the functionality I'm trying to duplicate?

A few other high level requirements:

- not Adobe (I hope to retire soon and I don't want years of photo work and ability to continue to do photo work to be held hostage by my ability to pay or not pay, especially in this uncertain world.)

- Mac based

- Large collection - 300,000+ photos (mostly JPEG but doing more and more RAW)

- DAM + editor would be a bonus but I'm fine with doing a standalone DAM as editors seem to be an easier nut to crack.

- Needs to be able to read/write standard IPTC based metadata

- Keeps my existing directory structure instead of moving them into their databae (like Apple's Photo app)

- Portability of metadata - I don't want it trapped in the software. Been there, done that, learned from it, never will do that again.


- I was holding out hope for Luminar but what they call a DAM seems to only be a glorified file browser. They say more is coming but I've been holding my breath for too long already on that one.

- CaptureOne keeps crashing on me so I haven't been able to evaluate it much and support has been less than helpful (even pre-pandemic timeframe). I got a little spooked by reading the forums about problems with large collections (with lots of keywords) and their .XMP metadata getting corrupted. Plus, I'm not sure I can deal with their inability to use the folder structure to navigate the photos (like I can't select two folders in the sidebar and be able to view all of those in the main part ...well at least as far as I can tell before it crashes on me).

- ACDSee - concerned that they are more of a Windows shop than a Mac shop. Mac versions seem to lag features. Plus it seems like they do IPTC kind of as an "also ran" instead of the main way to do metadata. It seems to be designed to have the metadata methodology be for ACDSee apps to talk to each other via ACDSee Metadata vs. a more standard IPTC/XMP. It seems to be able to do IPTC/XMP but it's kind of klunky from what I can tell

- PhotoMechanic seems to be AWESOME at ingest, metadata application & culling but doesn't seem to really be a DAM that is useful at finding/grouping photos for later use.

- Picktorial - has subscription based or purchased but there seems to be confusion as to whether the purchased version has the same capabilities as the subscription based. I mean I understand the subscription based will get new features faster but some people online say it is missing key functions that have been there for a long time but others disagree

- Mylio - Looks promising but only has subscription model so it's a non-starter for me.

Below is my list to research/evaluate still. I don't have time to evaluate all of these so if any of you have any input as to problems/capabilities with any of the below, please let me know so I can whittle down my list.

– Photo Supreme
- DBGallery
- Corel AfterShot Pro
- Dark Table
- Alien Skin Exposure
- RAWTherapee
- Pickave
- FastRawViewer
- XN View -
- DigiKam
- Neofinder??
- Shotwell - might be LInux only?


iMatch-PC only

Lr/Bridge - subscription based

DxO - read it's a pseudo DAM - no keywording, geo location editing, face detection and many other features I would expect in a DAM product

Mylio - subscription based

Luminar - glorified photo browser- not a DAM no matter what they say

I have read many of the previous threads about DAM on here and other places ... which is how I generated the above list.  I'm just trying to get help shortening my list and see if anyone knows the one(s) that is most like MediaPro.

You made it to the end of the message!  Yay!  Congrats!

Thanks in advance y'all!

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