Pix for the Week Ending April 10th to 12th, 2020

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Re: Pix for the Week Ending April 10th to 12th, 2020

xpatUSA wrote:

furtle wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

furtle wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

The Quince on the other hand only slightly here and there and looks fine.

A couple of saturation maps for you (white=100% saturated):

Happy Easter Sunday - I've a fridge full of IPA ...

Blimey, I thought the red Tuplip wasn’t blown. I didn’t see any whiteouts in the red petals and I think I set EV TO -1.0 or -1.7. I’ll try again if the sun shines tomorrow.

No, I didn't mean blown in the exposure sense, which is why I put it in inverted commas. If the original tulip shot was raw, I'll bet it can be processed without clipping the sRGB gamut.

In SPP set the working space to sRGB, not Adobe, not ProPhoto. Set the color mode to Standard or even Neutral. Starting with all sliders in the middle, run the color-picker around the petals and look for greens and/or blues at zero. If a lot found, like in your posted image, lower the saturation slider to say -0.2 and look again. What happens is that subtle color detail and constrast re-appears to the discerning eye (I do mean subtle).

Ok, I've reprocessed using your suggestions.

Original first and underneath with Ted's adjustments (only if I understood). I think this is better

Hmmm ....

The original (left) looks better! I am distraught with puzzlement!

Any chance of posting the X3F downloadable? I'd like to try it in SPP 5.5.3 ...

Ah, that'll no doubt me be who messed up.

This may be a downloadable link


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