Want to leave Sony, but I need a "fast" 50 :(

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Re: Want to leave Sony, but I need a "fast" 50 :(

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I came from a D810 for years and the ART 50 was my go-to lens. I then switched to an R3 with the ART 50 and 55 and while I've enjoyed the system (I do lifestyle and portraiture -- see pic below), the colors have always been tricky for me and the ART 50 (even native) is an ergonomic mess. I want to try the Z, namely the Z6, because I always loved (!) Nikon colors. Is the Z similar to the D750/D810 is a color space?

The ART 50 on the Z is probably equally problematic for ergonomics. So how does the 50S compare vis-a-vis the ART?

I shoot with Sony Canon and Nikon, but with a D850 not Z6, however, I played with friend's Z7 a lot and also tried the 50 1.8S few time, in my opinion, the Sigma 50 Art is a better lens than the Nikon 50 1.8S, that's besides the F1.4 Vs F1.8 max aperture, which by the way in my opinion is a huge deal to have a F1.4, in my personal experience, most of those F1.4 are more focus on Bokeh and most of those F1.8 lens are more focus on Sharpness in general speaking, I think the only two 50 mm that can beat the Sigma is the E-Mount Sony 50 1.4 and the Zeiss DSLR Milvus 50 1.4, both offers great bokeh and I love them both, of the new Canon 50 1.2 is another killer lens but you can't use it on Z so we can igore that from the discusion, i personaly don' have issue with the size and weight of the 50 Art, in fact, I am getting the Sigma 35 1.2 for my A7IV, that 35 1.2 is even bigger than the Sigma, I played with it few times and it's becoming a dream 35mm lens for me. I wish Sigma makes that for the Nikon and Canon platform instead of that 40mm F1.4.

If you are serious about Bokeh, Voigtlander E mount 50 F1.2 also great, you can use the adapter on the Z, focus is so easy with those lens and EVF, I have a lot more MF Loxia and Voigtlander than GM lenses on my Sony and will probably do the same when I get my Z* or whatever they will come out with later.

As for color, according to my friend's personal opinion, he said the color is kind of diffrent between his D850 and Z7. i have not do enough coparison to draw my own conclusion so I am just repeating what I heard.

Wrong...look at this test by DPReview.

I don't need to look at any " review" when I have access to those lens myself.

So what is it that makes Sigma 50 Art better lens than Nikon 50 S? Certainly not sharpness, contrast, flare, coma, aberration. Rendering, color and bokeh are purely subjective but without side by side comparisons it's all hearsay. Size, weight and price are certainly on the Nikon side everything else being equal.

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