Best Drone for Photography Mainly

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Re: Best Drone for Photography Mainly

mmarian wrote:

primeshooter wrote:

Occams Razor wrote:

I believe there are some compatibility issues between Android based devices and the DJI GO 4 app so you should do some research if you go with an Android device.

Here are some full sized JPEGs. These are SOOC with no post.

Randy cheers for the heads' up I will check that. (leaning towards just getting that smart controller as the battery and screen look pretty sweet). These samples are great btw thank you very valuable to see for me. Clearly it's not a flying D850, however the lens looks pretty sharp in the midframe and sides, the far corners and edges suffer a little but not too bad. I see noticeable colour noise in the skies even at ISO 100 as I read. Aside from this it all looks useable. I think pushing the files will mean multiple exposures to increase data, from what I've heard this is possible so all good.

If you are faced with a challenging light doing AEB of 3 or 5 shots can be set instead of single shot. They are taken automatically in quick succession and then easy to blend in LR. It would allow for extra flexibility in post and result in pictures with lower noise and greater DR.

Thanks I'm looking forward to trialling this.

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