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Re: Thoughts from a new Fuji user

Hooray! I've used every iteration up to F. My go to camera for almost every situation. Fun, versatile, grab n go, and very pleasing files. Hell i even like the render of the apparently not good enough lens. I hope you shoot it, shoot it, then shoot it some more!

you know how companies like to advertise 'lifestyles' - like you buy this jeep and suddenly you are transformed from a cubicle bound accountant to a rugged adventurer?

well the x100 series actually DELIVERS on that promise. I take mine everywhere. it's in my vehicle (jeep!) when i'm riding through the country, so i can bother folks' cows. I take it hiking. I take it to concerts, bars, family birthdays, weddings, to the beach (bother people fishing), vacations, do a lot of street photography, have it in my bag ready to whip out at the airport and bother people there too, requisite petraits, credible macro to impress my friends, annoying food photography (of course), it's on me when i'm taking my walk through the campus of the glorious univ town i live in and shoot the campus in full bloom (knowhutimean?) It can do pretty much anything within reason.

It really is a lifestyle product. Look out for the F. It's cute as hell but packs a punch. And if you weren't cool already, well consider yourself pimped. Now about that sony...

hanging with family

prowling the streets

riding around looking for trouble

requisite petraits

prowling the streets

try getting a bigger camera in most music venues

waxahatchee is a really cool band. up close and personal with x100f.

this is the ATL airport and i'm ready to annoy fellow travelers

great for hiking and not bad for limited landscape applications

impress your friends with macro photography.

this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to me bothering fisherfolks

i could do this all day but im probably already in trouble with Jerry. But I promise if you let it the x100 camera can change your life. Oh and by the look of your photos i can see you've already got the hang of it. Keep em coming.

PS I own a Leica Q as well. It's a great camera. I keep telling myself I'm going to use it more but I always seem to want to take the x100 instead. That's saying something!

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