Has anyone tried/tested this MSM tracker?

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Re: Has anyone tried/tested this MSM tracker?

zurubi wrote:

nighthiker wrote:


That tracker was discussed a while ago in this forum but can’t find it right now. Also - at least - two good reviews in the internt from Peter Zelinka and Amazingsky.

An interesting light & affordable option for light equipment with (U)WA lenses with additional options for timelaps. But not so good if you want to use heavier and narrower lenses for e.g. deep sky.

Thanks, I’ll search the forum. I mostly shoot MW with wide angles so that could be OK I guess.

For MW wide angle shots you don't need a tracking device, you need a good tripod. Use the rule of 400. With a 21 mm lens on a fullframe DSL or mirrorless, the exposure can be as long as 400/21=20 seconds. I got the best results with 30sec and a 14mm lens with my Z6. If you insist on a longer exposure, stack frames and register them in sequator. The  foreground can be excluded from the registration and will stay sharp.


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