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You would have to do it with Quattro's, Merrill's don't have remote release. I built a custom 3x1 remote release for my Coolpix A setup to trigger them all at once.

The battery life issue would drive me insane trying to do this with the Merrill cameras as I'd be constantly swapping them out of the three cameras.

Your life would also be *dramatically* easier doing the blending inside of Lightroom shooting DNG on the Quattro's. LR does a better exposure blend than Hugin or Autopano and it will apply lens corrections to the blend too. When I had my 3x Coolpix setup Autopano didn't blend the three cameras raw files very well due to vignetting in the lenses. I had  to process to JPG in lightroom then blend in Autopano. Once LR gained the ability to create panaramics from RAW I haven't looked back. it is so good I don't lock exposure on my 3 DXO setup, just lock focus and aperture and lightroom still handles that extremely well. That would be a benefit with 3 Quattro's as each camera would be able to expose as was best for it at capture time. I'll have to check to see if the Quattro's keep MF point through power cycles. The Coolpix A's didn't and it was annoying having to reset that every time I turned them on.

I didn't use my Coolpix setup all that much though as it was unwieldy. 3 Quattros would be much worse.  With the DXO's I can fit them in a coat pocket or front pouch of a camera bag.


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