Viewing RX10 IV pics at 100%....not good?

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Re: Viewing RX10 IV pics at 100%....not good?

edform wrote:

Ab S wrote:

edform wrote:

Ab S wrote:

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Digital Shutterbug wrote:

edform wrote:

At a little below mid-zoom [87mm actual - 237 equivalent]...


I would respectfully disagree that the eyes are sharp. Look at the image at 100%. Pan upwards from the beak to the top of the head. I would argue that the focus point is at the very top of the head. The eyes, being a little forward of that point, are still fairly sharp, but just slightly out of focus. As you move further forward to the beak, it reaches a point of certainly being out of focus. I might be all wet. It wouldn't be the first time I was wrong.

No, you're right as usual Steve. Does illustrate the point that even on smaller sensors, long lenses give little depth of field. The owl was sat as still as a very still thing, I should have used MF.

..indeed the focus point is at the top of the owl's head; and that is very sharp!

Ed, are these processed from RAW and, if yes, with what program?


Yes, I never shoot jpegs. I always begin in DxO PhotoLab and set Prime Noise reduction on, Micro-contrast +20 and ClearView Plus at 51 - that's a single point only to heighten the drama of the colouring. Then I increase the exposure setting a tiny bit - typically a quarter stop - in this case I didn't make that last change because I didn't feel it helped.

If I've needed a higher ISO, like here, I often pick the main subject with the brushes in the Local Adjustments facility and then reverse the selection to get the whole background and then drop it's sharpness just far enough to wash out the residual noise. With truly noisy images, I may use quite a bit of negative sharpness and even a bit of blur.

If I really like an image - which with my camera skills is probably 2 or 3 in every 100, I may scalpel out small problems with the local adjustment tools, and sometimes transfer the image into other programs that have better tools for removing background distractions [I love Cyberlink PhotoDirector Pro for that kind of work]. Some of my images may have had 2 or 3 hours spent on them.

These owl images, however, probably only took 10 minutes each. The RX10-iv is a magic machine.

..thanks for the info Ed! I'm also shooting RAW but use C1 pro. Up to now I used layers only for local exposure and/or color correcton an effects (e.g making the eyes of my cat a bit greener than they are. I wiil practice layered (local) noise reduction.

I would be curious on a comparison of noise reduction (and details) between C1 and DxO..

Nothing even competes with the PRIME noise reduction system in PhotoLab.

Actually in most cases I am finding Topaz Denoise AI to be superior these days.

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