questions before buying my first star tracker

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Re: questions before buying my first star tracker

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polslinux wrote:

I'd like to buy my first star tracker and I'm inclined towards the Skyguider Pro.

I currently own a Nikon D7500, a Tokina 11-20 and a Tamron 150-600 G2.

I'm planning to shoot the milky way using the 11-20 and some deep astro using the 150-600 (maybe by keeping it around 350mm).

If you are just starting, start at 150mm,

My question is: do I really (really really really) need also the guide system (e.g. camera, scope, laptop, cables, etc)? I see that this kind of stuff is quite a PIT...neck since I'd have to bring with me also my laptop (and all that comes with it).

In you backyard you are likely to reach the 50% of full scale of your camera (histogram) at f/4, 30 seconds and iso800. You don't need to guide, but you need to take lots of pictures and stack them. I use sequator.

How far can I go with the Skyguider pro without using a guide system? Can I shoot at 300/400mm and obtain a decent result?

I have taken 100 shots at 30 seconds each with a Nikon Z6 and a Nikkor f/2.8 at f/4 using a skytracker on a good tripod. No guiding or tracking. Sequator did the alignment. Perfect.

Any hint, feedback, tip, etc will be highly appreciated since I'm a total newbie in this field

Good to know what were you shooting? Stars or deep sky stuff?

PS the Tamzooka is a f/5-6.3

I shoot mostly constellations with typically 100 shots at 30 seconds each with 85mm, 105mm and 180mm lenses stopped down to f/4 with a Nikon L6. For these focal length the Skytracker works very well. Much quicker to set up than my LosMandy GM10 mount.

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