Thoughts on the perfect scan - is it that important?

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Re: Agree for B&W

Steven Seven wrote:

In my opinion, consumer-accessible color scanning is in a sad state right now. 95% of Portra scans I see online do not look like Portra to me:

I agree. One of the two major consumer scanner software, SIlverfast, doesn't even have a scanner profile for the decade-old "New" Portra 400. Instead, all you have to choose from in Silverfast are profiles for one of the older Portra emulsions that haven't been produced for a decade, apply it to a non-applicable negative scan, and then hope for the best (which is often not very good).

Photo labs who use more expensive scanners (e'.g. Frontier, Noritsu) have a Portra "look" that is a little better and relatively consistent across labs and scanners. But a lot of people, and labs, do digital post-processsing to change the look of the final scan or print, which is fine; people did the in wet printing days also to customize their palette.

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