Card Slot Failure in Z6

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Eddy Philippe
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Re: Card Slot Failure in Z6

William Faulkner wrote:

Here's a new one. At least I've never heard of this happening before.

As we all know when you put an XQD card in the card slot of Nikon camera Dx, Dxxx, Zx that card is supposed to slide to the bottom of the slot and lock into position. To release it you either push down on it and it'll spring back up, or push the button next to the slot and it gets pushed up.

My Z6 has decided it doesn't want to lock the XQD card into place any longer. Push a card down in the slot and it just pops right back out. Tried all five of my cards from two different manufacturers with the same results.

The cards and camera still work if I stuff the card into the slot and squeeze the door shut but that's not a really a solution.

The cards work as they had before in a D850 but that's a different mechanism so it's gotta be the Z6.

When I get a break in work I'll be sending the Z6 in for repair, can't wait to see what the bill for this repair is going to be. Not to mention how long it's going to take.

Have to admit that this is the only time I've wanted the Z6 to have two card slots.

Anyone else have this problem?

Bill, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try blowing some compressed air in the card’s opening. This might loosen up whatever is stuck in there that’s stopping your cards from clicking in place.

That’s assuming nothing is broken or bent in the card holder.

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