Oly vs Sony for a Wildlife System

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Was discussed before

I just cannot find the thread at the moment. But the gist of it was this

The A7R IV is an amazing sports camera in crop mode. So using it in crop mode for sports makes a lot of sense (in FF mode, buffer and other bandwidth limits might be a problem and the A9 is superior).

And in crop mode, it still outclasses the E-M1 III in IQ making it more or less a no brainer if you have the funds.

Which brings us to lenses. The choice between the 100-400 GM and 200-600 G is pretty much one of weight. Both are excellent. Regarding the upcoming Olympus, an interesting side note is that if the Olympus with TC is a 1000mm equivalent F11 lens, while the 200-600 on the A7R IV cropped to 20MP is a 1040mm equivalent lens with an F11 aperture. So you are not missing out on reach.

The weight is already rumored to be 2kg so exactly in line with the Sony. And my personal bet is the price will be much higher.

So overall I don't know many convincing arguments to go with Olympus. (Unless you want to wait for tests of the 150-400 and see if it is somehow a sharpness miracle)

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