Canon DPP Cloud Processing for 1Dx MkIII

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Per Inge Oestmoen Senior Member • Posts: 1,922
Re: Canon DPP Cloud Processing for 1Dx MkIII

MvW101 wrote:

What’s the deal with the new feature in the
DPP software enabled for 1Dx MkIII images? Is
this a cloud processing service? Could this be
the prelude to a wireless photo
storage/processing service direct from camera?

No, it seems to be something rather more sinister. It may be a test to find out whether customers will accept having a subscription based cloud account in order to work with their files.

There is no rational reason why Canon should let a premium noise reduction function be cloud based. If they want to give us a high-quality noise reduction, why not just include it into the software that is installed on and run from our computers?

There are absolutely no advantages from a user perspective to having to access a cloud service instead of running everything from our computers. On the contrary, cloud dependence means vulnerability and loss of user control.

Just one more reason to seek out Open Source software.

Per Inge Oestmoen, Norway

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