Why won't the display show exact exposure?

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Gabor Ruppert New Member • Posts: 3
Re: Why won't the display show exact exposure?

Did anyone found a solution for this problem?

I experience it usually under extrem lightning condition. Mostly in dark.

Example if I have a 1.4 Sigma on my A6500 the live view show a pretty dark preview, but then the picture is almost like was made at daylight. The exposure is off so it's really a hit and miss.

Yesterday I had a reverse effect with my scope. I left the EC at -5 and the live view showed a great image of the moon, whereas the result was extrem dark.

It's a shame as mirrorless is advertised as WYSIWYG, which is not true here. In my case also the argument is invalid, that the camera is not able to amplify the signal enough as in my case the shutter range is 1/250-1/4 with an ISO of 100-400.

Also I checked the settings regarding the live view and I have: "Setting Effect ON". With off, EC has no effect.

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