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I'm a D810/Z7 user and was in the market for a drone for Real Estate work. I really liked the Pro, but got an Air for $300 with 3 batteries, so it was kind of a no brainer. Photos and video are good enough for MLS work, but nothing to write home about. It does shoot raw, and manual just not the greatest quality. Easy to fly, I use an i-phone 11 and boost the brightness of the screen and don't have a problem composing shots in daylight. Attached is a shot of Lake Harriet in Minneapolis at sunset to get an idea of the quality. I will definitely be upgrading to the pro in the future.

Thanks, can you post the full quality as it's not much point seeing it at that resolution?

Just one point to remember. Under optimal conditions and when the exposure is spot on etc even smaller sensors can produce reasonable quality photos. But as soon as you start lifting shadows and pulling details from highlights and doing some other adjustments you would commonly do to most RAW files from your Nikon FF then you start appreciate the "robustness", for lack of a better word, of your RAW files. Some of these drones only shoot JPEG and JPEGs fall appart fairly quickly. DNG files on the other hand take more beating but as a general rule the bigger the sensor the more you can sqeeze out of the file and it will show on the final result. There is no such thing as a free lunch..

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