USB access to file system: it's useless

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Re: USB access to file system: it's useless

Karl Huber wrote:

jimhughes wrote:

I'm doing a bunch of macro photos with a Z6, and the setup is right next to my computer. Rather than shuttling the XD card back and forth, I thought it made sense to connect by USB and copy the camera's files over directly using Windows Explorer.

The implementation of this capability fully lived up to my expectations: like all of Nikon's attempts at connectivity, it's a miserably unreliable PITA.

Sometimes, hey, it works! Then shoot some more, come back to the PC and find that while the Z6 still shows in Explorer, nothing happens when you click on it - no nested file system. Disconnect the USB cable, reconnect, it comes back. Maybe. Or maybe not. Turn the camera off and on, maybe it comes back. Sometimes, for a little while.

I soon gave up and went back to shuttling the XD card, back and forth, back and forth...

And I'm thinking: it can't possibly be this bad. I must be missing something...

Have a look at all the USB settings in Windows Device Manager. Make sure they are all in always on mode and not power saving mode. That may help.

Yes, I was just about to say this.  Also if you are using a laptop, have the charger plugged   in.  Then go into the power settings, and set the laptop to never go to sleep while plugged in.  This will help stabilize the system.

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