The missing telephoto zoom lens

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Re: The missing telephoto zoom lens

robert1955 wrote:

Guyps wrote:

robert1955 wrote:

The 'classic' 70-300 is a full frame lens

Are we talking about ± 50-200 here?

But many people like myself used them on crop cameras.

I realise that, but then you should be asking for something like ±100-450

{which is not necessarily available in all formats/mounts}

Just to clarify the discussion

People who are used to using a cheap 70-300mm lens on a canikon apsc camera will want a 70-300 on a Fuji APSC. It doesn't matter that the lens was originally designed for an FF. The focal length hasn't changed.

If you had come from a 70-300 on a FF camera then yeah a 55-200 is already there for you.

Not sure why a Fuji 100-450 would be a replacement for a canonikon 70-300? think you have the equivalence reversed. That would be a 100-450 used on a crop or a 150-675ish on a Full Frame? I cant recall that being a common/cheap option.

Regarding longer lenses for moon shots:
Anyone had a Tamron 150-600 or the Sigma 100-400 before? Can get them for around £600 then adapt.

The Fuji 100-400 is currently on offer but still over £1500 with the 1.4x TC

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