One and only prime lens recommendations

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Re: One and only prime lens recommendations

RobertLysakowski wrote:

jjz2 wrote:

RobertLysakowski wrote:

One more advice which was also given to me some time ago.

You're the only one who knows what focal length you use most. And you might not be consious of this but you probably have one already.

So here are three things to try:

- look at your photos, pick those which you love the most and THEN check the focal lenght the lens was on

- check what focal lenght is the most prominent in ALL your photos (if using LR, this can be done with custom albums)

- tape the zoom lens on one specific focal lenght and try shoot it for couple of days, see what's most natural to you - be aware this might and most likely will change over time but should you help with deciding where to start

Good luck.

Good points.

However the part in bold italics is not possible on the 15-45... you can never tell where you are with that lens if you aren't at either 15 or 45, even in the EVF. They would totally need to analyze files in LR or similar catalog.

Actually you can do it in the camera. While looking at the image taken, cycle through different info shown, on the last screen it shows the FL (at least at XT-2). Then tape it

You don't need a catalog system either. You can also display the info in windows. Set your view type to be as 'details' and at the top you can customise the columns. One of the options is focal length.

For my one prime recommendation it would be a 35mm so you have a bit of compression there.
23mm to me seems too much like the field of view you are used to seeing on everyone's photos from a camera phone.

I have the 35mm F2 WR and it is my most used prime. However now that the XC version has been released for such a low price, it would be difficult for anyone to ignore that as a good value for money option.

If Fuji updated the 35mm f1.4 with a better focussing system that would change things!

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