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Booted Cat wrote:

Jules186 wrote:

I've had the P1000 well over 1 year and I've become more disappointed as time goes on. I cannot except the level of sharpness of my camera. I have seen many photos on-line of birds and others that appear to be tack sharp even at 3000 mm. I've experimented with all features and tripod and photos are acceptable but not what I want. I'm to the point where I hardly use it. Contemplating buying DSLR and zoom even though it will not have the reach of P1000. My old D300 produces much sharper images. I just wanted to vent.


The recipe is simple:

  1. Use a tripod.
  2. Avoid wind.
  3. Use an ML-L7 remote.
  4. Use P Mode.
  5. Force ISO to 100.
  6. Use the manual (spot) AF area mode.
  7. Use the remote to move the focus box to the bird eye, etc. and shoot.
  8. Take multiple shots and pick the best on your desktop computer later.

The recipe requires the camera and the target to be still and works even in low light.

Most photos in this message are examples:

3. You could also use self-timer.

7. Oh well. Maybe skip this step in that case.

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