P1000 Sharpness

Started Apr 8, 2020 | Discussions thread
Stevan G Contributing Member • Posts: 625
Re: P1000 Sharpness

Jules186 wrote:

I've had the P1000 well over 1 year and I've become more disappointed as time goes on. I cannot except the level of sharpness of my camera. I have seen many photos on-line of birds and others that appear to be tack sharp even at 3000 mm. I've experimented with all features and tripod and photos are acceptable but not what I want. I'm to the point where I hardly use it. Contemplating buying DSLR and zoom even though it will not have the reach of P1000. My old D300 produces much sharper images. I just wanted to vent.


I had P900 and now have P1000, I have the feeling that P900 was a bit sharper however it's the combination of heavier lens (which has an impact on stabilisation) and more reach which makes it harder to focus.

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