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The most commonly used all-rounder film by enthusiasts nowadays is Portra 400. Despite its name it is general purpose. It has very fine grain. At 35mm it will record more detail and microcontrast than common digital APS-C sensors when scanned at large enough resolution for sure; I shoot both. Its dynamic range and latitude are enormous compared to any digital sensor. It certainly has much more resolution than common slide films (there are studies and specs that you can find online if so inclined).

Portra 400, because of its realism, can look a bit "boring" or "common" (to me) though, but this is very much also a function of the scanning profiles commonly used for it and/or post-processing applied.

You can see many great examples of all the commonly (and some rarely) used films at the reddit analog forums. It's definitely worth checking that out. When you do that, just remember that some people there post-process their film scans for certain looks just like they would do for digitally captured images, but it will give you a general idea of what to expect.

For more interesting looks, there are some other films that I like a lot, but that's a different thread. You can also see them there.

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