Macro lens for Z7?

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Re: Macro lens for Z7?

I will second the suggestion by Mr. Vener.  I found the Irix 150 to have excellent image quality, good working distance, and has a tripod foot.  I found the tripod foot to be a great benefit with my Z6 and D750.  The Z6 handles much better when mounting the combo to a focus rail via Irix lens foot, especially as it is mounted via FTZ.  Incidentaly, you may want to investigate a macro rail of some sort to help focus - I use a stackshot motarized rail.  There are others such as the one Mr. Vener mentioned, and manual rails as well by a number of manufacturers.

If you want a multipurpose lens, not just macro, the 105 Nikon G also does a great job but it is a bit front heavy with a z6/z7 as it does not have a tripod foot.  But, it does have auto focus and can serve as a good 105 lens.  I have this lens but use the Irix almost exclusively now.  The main benefits of the Irix over the Nikon 105G are extra working distance and tripod foot.

If you are dabbling in macro and not sure, don't forget the used market.  You can obtain a lens and often sell at a later date for not much lost.

Good luck!

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