FZ1000: what's causing these artifacts?

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Re: thanks all ⎮responses⎮difficulties of image analysis (from OP)

peripheralfocus wrote:

First, I'm the OP; I started this thread with a different account, which has now been banned for violating the "have only one account" rule, of which I was unaware.

And you just broke another rule discussing moderator's actions (Rule #3). Is curious that you have been around since 2001 and still are not familiar with the forum rules.

I suggest you give them a full read before posting again.


BTW, this link is at the top of all forums, right next to the search box.

Thanks everyone for all the input. I'm still puzzled by this image (and several others that my uncle took that day that look very similar).

A lot of people have mentioned atmospheric disturbances, which was my first thought when I looked at the image myself. But as I've mentioned above, when I thought about it more and looked at the image more closely, that explanation didn't convince me. There's a lot wrong with that image beyond wavy effects in subjects located behind a reflective surface (like a road).

Many people also mentioned diffraction, but I've never seen diffraction produce anything like what's in this image. Diffraction produces a general softness, which can look a little gritty when sharpened. But nothing like the artifacts in this picture.

I'll ask my uncle to start shooting raw+jpeg from now on, and if he gets any similar problems, I'll be able to check the raws.

I'm also going to ask him to shoot with a different SD card. I've seen card write errors produce bad image displacements in the past, although nothing quite like this.

If the problems persist, I'll have him rent a different FZ1000 and shoot them side-by-side.

And finally, just to generalize this thread a bit on the subject of analyzing images: a few times in my experience with digital cameras, I've run into image problems that defied easy explanation. Even the manufacturers couldn't explain what was going wrong. The only solution was to replace the equipment, which did eliminate the problem in several cases that I've known.

Below, I've attached a few crops with annotations that indicate some of the things I saw when I looked more closely that make me think this is more than just heat rising off a road or field. This is just a sampling; the image is a mess overall.

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