HX99 owners with rx10 III or IV looking for feedback

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Re: HX99 owners with rx10 III or IV looking for feedback

sbansban wrote:

Luis Gabriel Photography wrote:

I have been considering a tiny super zoom to bring anywhere just in case when I don't bring my rx10 IV.

Just wondering how you guys that own both feel about it in comparison. I'm open to other brands too.

Looks like I am a bit late to the party but here's my $0.02: I am surprised no one has so far mentioned the 1/2.3" 40X 20 MP Canon SX740 or the 1" 10X Panasonic ZS100 (down to $397 now) / 15X ZS200 ($699). I have been looking for a pocketable superzoom as well since the camera I seem to have been using the most (in spite of having several much better cameras that are either larger or have much less reach) is my trusty old ZS20 because of its 20X zoom in a shirt-pocketable form factor.

I recently acquired a refurbished SX740 from Canon USA for $269 and have only been able to take it out for a spin just twice so far because of the current coronavirus lockdown. I went for the Canon instead of the Panasonic ZS80 because the latter is only 30X.

My expectations of the SX740 IQ were on the lower side because of the sensor size and so far it has been a mixed bag. The first day was overcast and the pics were only so so - especially at the long end - and using the super vivid mode really made things fall apart. The second day was bright and sunny, and the IQ (did not use the super-vivid mode again) was much better. I found the 40X reach close to that of my Canon SX50 and having that much reach in your shirt pocket tickles me pink. And once I used Topaz AI Sharpen to tweak some of the images I took on the second, sunny day at the long end of the zoom, I had no issues at all any more. And of course, the IQ at the short end was par for the course for a small-sensor compact - though I am not sure where it stands compared to my ZS20.

I am still considering adding one of the 1" Panasonics to my repertoire, especially because given a choice, I can often be a pixel-peeping, nit-picking, sharpness-loving hawk for SOOC IQ, but while I am tempted by the current price of the ZS100 (~$400), it has only 10X. The ZS200 is more promising (15X) but will leave your wallet significantly lighter by around 7 Benjamins. But the real issue for me with both these 1" Panasonis ZS cameras is their softer lenses as reported by many including DPR - though Saudidave says it can be overcome using his settings.

I am on this thread because I have been lusting after both the RX100 VII and the RX10 IV, (the FZ300 at ~$400 looks awfully tempting as well but I already own an FZ1000 so I am not sure I can justify getting the FZ300 on top of that) - but just wish both the Sony's had prices closer to terra firma rather than in la la land.

Neither of the Panasonics have tilt screens which is one of the reasons I didn't consider them, that and the lens and AF issues that even their more expensive cameras have.

The Canon is a so so performer from my research but it doe shave the tilt screen and good price though.
The FZ300 is an intriguing camera I may just have to try. I mean, sure is a small sensor but at 12MP only and with 2.8 keeping it away from diffraction, makes you wonder if those two factors combined, can give you a better than expected image from the small sensor.
In any case, I may just grab the RX100 VII and call it a day with a camera that while nowhere near as long reach, will still be a nice travel camera plus awesome 4k video and stabilization that I can use for my BTS stuff when doing shoots for my Youtube channel.
I am just waiting to find a good deal on a used one. And if I can snatch a cheap HX99 maybe I will give it a try for those days where I just want to have extra reach with me in case something comes up
Cant never have too many cameras lol

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