A letter to Nikon; DF mk II, please?

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A letter to Nikon; DF mk II, please?

I am keen to garner thoughts on a Nikon DF mkII and hopefully influence the executives at Nikon Japan responsible for future camera development! Unfortunately a successor is looking less and less likely.

The current DF is a wonderful camera to use for general photography (portraiture, landscapes, street, etc) with a more simplified control through the use of manual knobs and dials rather than layered digital menus. Granted, it is not the ideal camera for sports, wildlife, video etc and there are plenty other models better suited to these. The Df is a unique model that keeps a toe in both the analogue and digital worlds of photography and Nikon is to be commended for bringing it to market in the first place.

Will Nikon please make a Df Mk II? I am confident there is ample demand amongst enthusiasts who prioritise the above aspects in their camera choices and have a desire for something a bit different to the usual offerings. Not to mention they can continue to exploit and supplement their existing Nikon F lenses in manual and autofocus. I attach some sketch ideas for the new model, based largely, I should say, on the already excellent DF Mk I design!

Thoughts on Df II improvements:

  • 1/8000 sec max shutter instead of 1/4000
  • Slightly higher resolution sensor (maybe the 20 megapixel from the D5/6)
  • Higher body (by 1cm) and with a longer and slightly more substantial grip
  • Simplified rear with less menu buttons and LCD with touchscreen control
  • USB charging socket (to avoid taking battery out)
  • Fix the faulty battery door hinge which allows the battery compartment door to frequently fall off
  • Wifi picture transfer
  • Reduced body depth overall (remove HDMI and remote control sockets to facilitate this?)

Or, if it were to go a mirrorless format then all of the above and maybe IBIS, but with a large enough battery to combat the pitiful battery life of most mirrorless models. One of the nicest things about the DF II is you can pretty much forget about looking at the battery indicator when out shooting!


The current Nikon lens line up is undoubtedly vast and of high quality. However, there are relatively few choices in keeping with the Df style ethos. A ‘DF’ style range of primes, essentially restyled versions of the ‘D’ lens range with aperture ring and similar compact size (the modern G range are all too long and bulky). Lenses don’t need so much corrective glass as is the contemporary pursuit of unrealistic ‘hyper sharp real’ images nor (in the case of DF kind of photography) the bulkier silent superfast AF motors.

Some sketch ideas for mkII body

Do fellow DF users have any (contrarian or otherwise) suggestions?

Nikon Df
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