Force Adobe Camera Raw to use OpenGL instead of DirectX?

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Re: Force Adobe Camera Raw to use OpenGL instead of DirectX?

bmoag wrote:

I do not know if you mean the sliders are unresponsive or if Camera Raw is slow to launch, or something else?

There's a quite perceptible lag when using tools such as crop marquee, when zooming in and out, and when using the adjustment brush (the worst offender here). None of this happens when I use OpenGL. With the acceleration completely turned off, some things do speed up a bit, but the adjustment brush becomes borderline unusable.

CPU and RAM can't be the factor, since none of this happens on OpenGL, which I'm using right now on ACR 11.0 (forced by modifying the configuration file). This is on Windows 10 - on Windows 7, I don't have to force anything since it uses OpenGL right away. Must be something about DirectX 12, which was the "selling point" of Windows 10.

Also, I see in Tom_N's link that Adobe stated OpenGL support is available in ACR 11.4.1, but I couldn't force it to OpenGL (it reverts to DirectX). One of Adobe employees on their forum says it has something to do with "OpenGL on Windows 10 being unreliable", which I believe is nonsense.

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