External SSD for Lightroom Catalog?

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JPAlbert Contributing Member • Posts: 897
Re: External SSD for Lightroom Catalog?

If you move your photos to an external drive, REMEMBER:
You must have at least A SECOND EXTERNAL drive to serve as the backup for the "primary external drive". Two backups is better.

This is above and beyond backing up your internal drive.

Having said that, an SSD would do fine.
USB3 is probably all you need. Perhaps a Samsung t5...?

USB3.1 gen2 will offer faster reads/writes, but may not be noticeable in regular use. And very few of these drives exist "pre-packaged". You have to buy a USB3.1 gen2 enclosure, and match it up with a "bare" nvme drive. I put one together and get reads of 965MBps from it.

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