Quick way to get rid of blue tones on white background/shadows?

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Re: Quick way to get rid of blue tones on white background/shadows?

So to expand this conversation it seems there are a few interpretations of this. Fringing and CA and I have found many say sites say it is the same thing. I have done some tests of tree leaves in the corner of a photo and I have use both CA and Defringing to clean it up. It was not easy but I found this on the net a few years ago.

  • Lateral chromatic aberration. This is the result of the lens focal length differing depending on the wavelength of incoming light. It is seen mainly in the corners and can be readily corrected, either by the camera (in JPEG mode) or by the RAW conversion software. Better lenses show less lateral CA but in the world of digital it's not the problem it once was.
  • Purple fringing. This is the result of axial colour in the infra-red spectrum being picked up as the blue and to some extent red dyes used in the sensor CFA both pass IR resulting in a purple glow around highlights.
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I feel even more confident that soon things will have a wonderful conclusion

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