External SSD for Lightroom Catalog?

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Re: External SSD for Lightroom Catalog?

pcgould wrote:

My LR catalog (55K images) and all my files are on my Samsung T5 - 2TB SSD but with prices coming down, you could go for the 4TB. It is connected to my iMac via USB-C and it is fine.

Is there a 4TB version of the Samsung T5? I have never seen one larger than 2TB.

I am thinking about moving everything to a 4TB SSD, but the way I would do it is with one of the bare 4TB SSDs by Samsung or SanDisk (currently running at $450), and installing it in a good USB-C 3.1 external enclosure ($35-50).

I agree that USB 3.1 is fine for the speed. It would be different if it was the type of SSD in a Samsung X5, which is like a Mac internal SSD, beyond 2000MB/sec. To take advantage of that speed requires Thunderbolt 3. But that speed and expense is not necessary for simple image retrieval.

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