Setting for Scanning Slides with Epson Perfection V700

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Re: Setting for Scanning Slides with Epson Perfection V700

mindalife wrote:

I have a bunch of slides and negatives I want to scan with my Epson Perfection V700 ...

Basically agree with previous posters, but have a couple of additional comments.

ICE: As mentioned above, doesn't work with Kodachrome. Also dont use it with BW negatives.

Also as mentioned in previous post: Real resolution probably is a bit over 2000dpi. You might have to scan at or close to full resolution and downsample to e.g 2400dpi to get the absolute best results, but that will be even more time consuming.

I've an older Epson and I've found that scanning at 3200dpi is a pretty good compromise between scan time, file size and quality. 3200 dpi is one step above what you can expect as real resolution so you'll have a bit "safety margin" compared to scanning at 2400dpi.

I'll always scan at 48 bits if I expect to do some post processing. Often overkill, but I'd rather have 48 bit files and waste some hard disk space than having 24 bits and find that I have to rescan.

I usually turn of everything except ICE. On images with obvious fading I might try to do a addtional scan or two and experiment with automatic restoration. I'll always keep the unmodified file though as it might turn out to be easier to work with than the one with automatic restoration even if the latter initially look better.

I usually also do a quick evaluation on the previews and do some basic adjustment of white and black points, maybe WB too, but leaving final adjustments for the post processing.

Of course, turning of sharpening and other optimizations makes some post processing of each file necessary.

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