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Sailor Blue wrote:

Donald B wrote:

Its very easy. just shoot your subject using a single mono light 300 watt is plenty using a white shoot through umbrella. and use photoshop replace colour tool to make it 95% white never make it pure white. just click on the areas to lighten and slide the brighten slider. i like to leave some shadows other wise the subject looks like they are floating .


That is a very nice image and your shades of light gray are nice.

The point about seamless white is that it is pure white. That doesn't mean that the background should always be seamless white.

Nice reflection off the acrylic plastic sheet. I love that and use it for almost all background colors if the background extends to the floor. It looks great and, if desired, isn't any harder to remove than a shadow on the floor. You might, however, want to blur the line where the acrylic sheet meets the background to make it less obvious.

on some shots i blur the line out between the acrylic and backdrop but these shots are my mass shoots so i dont spend to much time. on others i love the line and throw even more shadows.

this was my biggest seller last year . the dancers and parents loved the shadow detail and so did I.

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