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Re: Best Octa or softboxes for Ad400

solamnus wrote:

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Thank you sailor for the advice 😊👍

i have a larger Octa box from godox for the Ad400, then a few smaller from westcott and lastolite which are quite nice for the speedlights. So i think to get some diversity i want something more for the Ad200/ad400 that gives some nice soft rembrant lighting which i most like to use.

You can get Rembrandt lighting with anything from a bare hot-shoe flash to a 5' umbrella. The only difference will be the softness of the light, which with diffuse sources you control with distance.

If you already have a large octabox then getting a smaller one can give you more versatility, which is always a good thing.

Short (loop) lighting is the most used lighting for portraits. It is simple to go from short lighting to Rembrandt lighting if your strobes have modeling lights.

Portrait Lighting - Project 3 - Portrait Lighting Set-Ups

Clay Blackmore - How to Find Rembrandt Lighting When Posing Portraits - YouTube

I use some clamshell lighting too at times.

Don't confuse clamshell lighting and butterfly lighting.

Clamshell lighting typically uses equal light sources from the sides and is virtually shadow free lighting.

Butterfly lighting uses a light in front of and above the subject so that a butterfly shaped shadow is cast on the upper lip by the nose. You can vary the softness of this light but with young subjects or those with great skin (or makeup) it is usually fairly hard light from a beauty dish. You can add a reflector or fill light in front of and below the subject to lighten the shadows cast by the main light.

Never did have a proper beautydish more than the one you mention in the rapid box Octa from westcott. So maybe a real one for those bigger flashes would be handy to have for those occasions where i do want to shoot butterfly etc😊

There are a number of metal beauty dishes available but I can't tell you how any of them would work with a Godox light. Perhaps someone has a combination of an AD400/600 and a beauty dish and will tell you how well it works.

also the umbrellas i have are not the bigger ones and also without diffusion for them. So maybe a bigger umbrella with diffusions is a good tool as well.

Any softbox is just an umbrella with one or more added diffusers. The added diffusion smooths out the evenness of the light projected by the "softbox" vs that from a simple umbrella.

If you reflect the light off the back of the umbrella then there is typically a front diffuser added before it is called a softbox. If the light enters the back of the umbrella then you typically see a middle and front diffuser.

A shoot through umbrella sends light out in a sphere around the umbrella. The light intensity is clearly greater right in front of the umbrella and it falls off to the sides. The light not being used to light the subject can light the background or bounce off any nearby surface onto the subject or background as stray light. A shoot through umbrella is great for lighting up a subject's surroundings in an environmental portrait.

A reflection umbrella with a black backing sends out light in a hemisphere. There is a central area that is fairly evenly lit with the light intensity falling off slowly from the center to the sides. Light to the sides is the primary source of stray light but the stray light will usually be several stops less than if you used the umbrella in shoot through mode.

Shallow or deep dish, you get light going out in a full hemisphere from any umbrella or any softbox that uses a flush front diffuser. The only difference is that the light fall off from a deep dish is faster than it is from a shallow one so you might get a little bit less stray light from a deep dish.

A softbox with a recessed front diffuser will reduce the amount of light to the sides, reducing stray light to some extent.

A softbox with a grid (which almost always means a recessed front diffuser) will give you greater control over what is illumined and further restricts side light, reducing stray light to a minimum.

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