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pixelgenius wrote:

Sailor Blue wrote:

The two BenQ PhotoVue monitors you list are 99% aRGB, not sRGB.

Benq PhotoVue Monitor

If you want a BenQ sRGB monitor then get one of the DesignVue monitors, which are less expensive . The only disadvantage I have found with mine is that they come with the brightness set too high for photography.

Set out of the box, calibrate it. Are you implying it can't be calibrated to a lower cd/m^2???

As I said, mine came with the brightness set too high. I didn't say it couldn't be properly calibrated.

Please notice that the OP has a color calibration device so unlike you I presupposed he would calibrate a BenQ DesignVue monitor before using it since I had warned him that it would be too bright out of the box.

BenQ DesignVue Designer Monitor

If your JPG images are saved as sRGB they will display correctly on either an aRGB or a sRGB monitor.

Maybe yes maybe no. Doesn’t matter what the color space is it the gamut of the display; what matters is Color Management.

Yes, color management is necessary but as you have pointed out in the past, innumerable times, actually very few programs come with proper color management or with any color management they do have turned on by default.

If your JPG images are saved as aRGB they won't display correctly on a sRGB monitor unless the image viewing program is properly color managed.

And the same is true of sRGB as well. Or any other color space.

Something we can agree about.

Your raw processing software should be color aware enough that the images will display with correct colors on either monitor.

If you do a lot of printing then having an aRGB monitor makes sense since printers like your Epson 3880 can exceed the sRGB color range. Seeing more colors on your monitor makes it easier to tell what the final print will look like.

And that printer can not print all of sRGB.

I didn't check the specifications so I'll take your word for the color space limit of the printer and retract my recommendation for buying an aRGB capable monitor.

My advice changes to, "Don't waste money on an aRGB monitor.".  It isn't worth the extra money if your printer can't reproduce more than the sRGB color space.

If you only occasionally make a print then you can stick with sRGB to avoid having to do all the conversions. The prints won't show enough difference for most people to even see it.

Some of mine do. A lot. YMMV. SO might the OPs. This has nothing to do with the frequency of printing. It has everything to do with the color gamut contained within an images color space.

But as you stated above the OP's printer can't even print the full sRGB color space.

That means the frequency of printing is no longer in the equation for whether to by an aRGB monitor or an sRGB one.  Just buy the sRGB monitor and save the extra money you would have spent on an aRGB monitor.

I'll use your favorite comments here. If the printer is properly color managed, either in the editing software or in the printer software, it should properly compress the image's color space into that of the printer so there should be no difference in the prints if you print from an aRGB image or an sRGB image.

You don't say so but I can only assume that you are using a printer that can cover at least some of the aRGB color space if you are seeing a difference between aRGB and sRGB printed images.

Please tell us what printer you are using that shows these differences.

If you view your images on your monitor, TV, or smart device or put the images on the web then you need to know how to properly convert the aRGB images to sRGB.

My smart devices are all wide gamut and more importantly color managed and Adobe RGB (1998) previews ”correctly”. And every other tagged color space.

Most aren't, and you know it.

Ditto on the web.

Please tell me a web browser that comes with proper color management, or even with color management turned on by default.

Without Color Management sRGB is a meaningless concept. As is every other color space. Got nothing to do with the color gamut of displays.

No disagreement there until you try and see all the colors in an aRGB image on an sRGB monitor/display. Then the color gamut of the display is very important.

Some people confuse Color Management with color gamut perhaps because both terms use color? 😜

Do you really think photographers are that stupid?

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