X100V - can't get Shutter Priority mode

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Re: X100V - can't get Shutter Priority mode

DPFranz wrote:

Not a big issue, since most of the time I shoot Aperture Priority (A), but I can't get the camera to go into S mode.

I have the aperture ring set to A. I have the ISO dial set to A. Usually I have the shutter speed wheel on the top plate set to A, and I use the front command dial to set aperture - normal aperture priority mode, and the indicator in the lower left corner of the display shows "A" for aperture priority - as expected.

Now here's where I have a hole in my understanding

  1. When I turn the shutter speed dial on the top plate to a specific speed, say, 125, my understanding is that the camera should switch to indicating Shutter Priority by displaying an "S" in the lower left corner, but it does not. It displays an "M" for Manual.
  2. Even with the shutter speed wheel on the top plate set to a specific shutter speed, the rear command dial will still modify shutter speed. I can set that rear command dial to do nothing, but shouldn't that be automatic when one sets the shutter speed wheel on the top plate to a specific speed?

I suspect these two points are coupled, i.e., the rear command dial sets shutter speed because I'm in Manual (M), not Shutter Priority (S). So how does one set the camera to Shutter Priority (display an S at lower left)?


HI, I ran into the same issue. If the camera is set up to change aperture with  the aperture ring on the lens you get P, A, S, M as expected. But if changing aperture is assigned to the front command dial then S becomes unavailable.  Welcome to the idiosyncratic world of the X100V.

In another post you note that in some situations the camera does not appear to behave as you would expect from the wording of the Manual. This will be because of some other setting elsewhere in the Menu system. You can often find details about these apparent inconsistencies in the fine print at the bottom of the page.


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