Quick way to get rid of blue tones on white background/shadows?

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Re: Quick way to get rid of blue tones on white background/shadows?

doubledye wrote:

I have always struggled with this and never found a good answer. I shoot some products on a white background. I shoot with auto WB and tweak the raw image. However, I still almost always end up with blue halos around the edits of the objects and a blue tone in the shadows (and sometimes all of the white)

Is there a quick way to neutralize this?

I'm embarrassed to say how I go about it now, but it is time consuming and I know it can't be the proper way.


Here is an example. This is the edge (a piece of wood) up against the white. White balance is at 5900. Any warmer and the photo looks terrible.

Depends on software you are using.   Easy to adjust white balance with most software.  In photoshop, you can do it with Levels using the gray eyedropper tool.  If you are shooting in raw, you should be able to adjust the white balance setting in raw.

Now, as far as the blue halo.   In this case, it was very simple to not only remove it, but adjust the color without any steps.   I simply changed the mode of the image to Grayscale.   Problem solved.      Not so easy when you want to retain any other color in the image though.

Can you post the original image though.   I would like to try to figure out why that is happening in the first place.

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