What is these fore?

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Re: What is these fore?

Nikon3500guy wrote:

Hi CK.

Okay, thanks - and it will fit on my D3500 (without destroying anything)?

It's a pre-AI fit teleconverter, so check the ring on the camera side of that ribbed chrome ring against one of your Nikkors. On an AI or later Nikkor you'll see an extension of the aperture ring, to the left of about the f/16 mark, overlapping the camera's bayonet and engaging with a little sprung tab that tells the camera what aperture is set. Pre-AI fit Nikkors often had a complete skirt there which could interfere with that tab.

If your teleconverter has such a skirt, (and it stops you mounting the lens on your camera) you can file a tab-sized slot in it, using your lens as a template.  That won't damage it, but should make it usable with your camera and pre series G lenses. Have fun.

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