The best choise of Nikkor 200m + ?

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Re: The best choice of Nikkor 200m + ?

Nikon3500guy wrote:

Swift One wrote:

Nikon3500guy wrote:

Swift One wrote:

Are you aware of the Nikon 200-500 5.6? Its quite bit of lens for the price.

Okay - you mean this: AF-S NIKKOR 200-500MM F/5.6E ED VR?

That very one. IMO, its about as close as you are gonna get before you start dropping 2K and up. I am liking mine the more and more I use it and understand it limits. The Sigmas (100-400, 150-600) I hear are pretty nice too.

Buy the way ... If we have to talk about (slightly cheaper) alternatives such as. Tamron or Sigma etc. What can you recommend there - or is it just saving together for the right thing (Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 200-500mm f / 5.6E ED VR)?

From what I gather there are fans of all of them for various reasons. I only have the 200-500, and some of the pros of it are excellent VR, and constant f/stop through 500mm vs. the Tamron and Sigma's. Some others who've used them say may have a bit snappier AF, and in the case of the 150-600's, can zoom a bit further, but they don't have that constant f/stop so I believe they let in less light at 500mm and up, which may be an issue if your camera struggles in lower light.

Truth be told I've seen excellent examples from them all. The other aspect is the lenses are large and heavy. Your technique and arm strength may be tested and may require more practice to hold all day (or a monopod). Having gone from an older 70-300 to the 200-500 required a refinement in my technique and more practice.

Flamingo Disapproves. Slight crop.  Handheld

Gull in Flight. Slight crop.  Handheld on a moving boat.

9 image composite of the 2017 eclipse. No crop.  Tripod shot.

^^All of the above were FF images. You'll have more reach shooting crop.

Good luck

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