The best choise of Nikkor 200m + ?

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Re: Running the numbers

Nikon3500guy wrote:

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

OK, the general rule for sizing focal length depends on the subject size, subject distance, and sensor size:

Subject width / subject distance = sensor width / focal length

Which gives us focal length = sensor width x subject distance / subject width

Exciting maths.


They provide an excellent overview of what it is all about.

Some folks these days go as far as calculating the angle *per pixel* to select both camera and lenses, with smaller values giving more "reach". There is some point where it doesn't make much improvement, even with a great camera and especially a great lens, because then you'll worry more about atmospheric haze and heat waves distorting the image.

I'm afraid there's no way around saving for the right lens - around 500mm ...!

Yeah, that sounds reasonable.

Be sure to look into teleconverters, as you might be able to get by with a shorter lens, but the best ones are matched to the lenses. Cheap ones are more useful as paperweights.

Finally, if the price of a lens is too much, you might look into a superzoom camera. The image quality might not be all that great at long zooms, but it might be possible to actually get the shot.

Thanks for the answer

You are welcome!

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