Problems with focus Ricoh GX100

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Re: Problems with focus Ricoh GX100

Pozz82 wrote:

Initially I thought the problem was focus mechanism, but in macro mode it work at all distances. In infinity or snap mode don't work, in manual mode the focus stopped at short distance

I'm afraid that I do not fully understand from your description what is wrong. Can I ask some questions –

'I have a problem with focusing at infinity or in any case at distances of a few meters'

So you try and autofocus at an object 2m away or on the horizon. What happens?

In macro mode it all works from macro to infinity. OK that sounds good.

When Infinity set, your photos are not focussed at infinity?

Snap mode does not work? In what way is it not working?

In manual mode you cannot focus beyond a certain distance? You are saying that the focus no longer moves after a certain point? What are the distances it will move through until it stops? How are you focussing in manual mode?

Battery. How long is the camera lasting before the battery goes flat? Maybe it is long enough for a firmware update?

Firmware version. This should have no effect on focussing, imo. I have firmware version 1.51 and it works fine. I don't see any harm in updating it though, but it would be good to have a greater udnerstanding how focus is failing.

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