Best subscription or purchases courses for retouching.

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Re: Best subscription or purchases courses for retouching.

I'm a Lightroom/Photoshop user.

I started out making the global changes in LR then retouching using PS. It was time consuming.

Looking for something easier I tried PortraitPro and Portraiture. They overdid the edits by default and by the time I fixed that, even after changing the default settings, I was spending more time on an image than I did in PS.

I finally found a free PS retouching action by a professional retoucher Kristina Sherk. It takes awhile, how long depending on your computer, to run but the result is a logical stack of layers that you do the retouching with. Simply start at the bottom and work your way up and the end result is a complete retouch for most subjects. You can add layers for extra edits such as using Free Transform to slim a subject or fix bumps and dents in the skin or clothing.

The action is a bit messy but it works well. If you know anything about actions you can change some of the commands such as what kind of smoothing is used for the skin, for instance you could change the default Surface Blur to Gaussian Blur.

The video tutorial is a poorly produced video and Kristina is very uncomfortable in front of a camera but it gets all the necessary information across. If you can get a free day or two with KelbyOne you can see videos by Kristina with the same information but with better production values.

Kristina is now offering more actions, brushes, and effects and her web site has links to some of her videos. You can get the free "Portrait in a Pinch" action on her web site.

Kristina Sherk - Shark Pixel - Entire Collection – Portrait Editing

This is the free video of how to retouch with the action.

Kristina Sherk - Retouching Portrait Photography with Photoshop Quick Actions on Vimeo

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