Snowburst - Puget Sound Lowlands

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Re: Snowburst - Puget Sound Lowlands

pcrc11 wrote:

tarakanchik wrote:

pcrc11 wrote:

tarakanchik wrote:

I rarely edit other's photos on here but when I do, it's for sole purpose to illustrate a suggestion I have

If suggestions were not asked for, perhaps they are best not given. Does not seem right to change anybody's vision or artwork just to get "YOUR" point across.

Sure, sure, no problem. The main point was that by and large the intention is to be helpful, not malicious or thieving.

How generous you are to bestow your amazing talents on others. They must feel honored when you are done.

dude, what's with the snark??  At no point did I suggest anything of the sort.  Watch this, watch this I can do this too:  Oh how talented you are that no one best dare ever attempt an edit on one of your masterpieces.  Annoying, isn't it?

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