Best subscription or purchases courses for retouching.

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Re: Best subscription or purchases courses for retouching.

alb0t wrote:

Hi everyone,

I'm doing my 2 weeks quarantine since coming back to Australia and like many people will be extremely restricted once it's up, as it should be I'm going to make the most of my time so as well as learning a language I'd like to get my PS & retouch skills to a fairly high level.
I work full time as a digitech and photographer and would class myself as an intermediate user of PS, fairly advanced with C1 as its my job. I'm happy to spend on education and self-investment and would like to know peoples experiences with the main vendors of online content.
I've tried CreativeLive and Lynda and while I think they offer some good content a lot of the time it's a bit too broad for me. I've done pretty much everything Deke McLelland offers on Lynda it was how i first started out. I'm looking at PRO EDU and PHLearn but would be happy to take any suggests, I'm open to everything. PRO EDU is expensive but looks to be really well curated, that being said I have no experience with them.
I'm a fairly quick learner and will get a good few hours in every day since like many i have nothing on the books for 2020 so something updated frequently with a lot of content would be great. Also not against watching good courses on posing, lighting and pretty much everything else. Might as well gain more skills while I'm stuck here!

For C! check out the youtube channels from PhaseOne. You will find over 50 hourly session and webinars to every topic possible in C1.

You may find the resources directly on youtube or via COne website.

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