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You can, as an alternative to diffusion, get some efficient silver umbrellas and bounce the light - you’ll get fairly efficient and broad coverage.

My “trick” to dealing with this scenario in a tight space is to make the key and fill lights do a lot of heavy lifting, bring the model about 4ft from the background. If the model is lit optimally, the background will already be fairly well lit. Then you just need a kiss of light to get it the rest of the way there. Any inconsistencies can be remedied in post pretty easily. CaptureOne’s luminosity masking really shines here, as does selecting by color range in PS.

Ellis Vener wrote:

1) add some diffusion to your lights. This can be tracing paper or even a Kleenex tissue.

2) back the lights away from the wall. Ideally, they should be far enough that when you point the lights at the center of the area you want to light, the area is evenly lit.

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