Adobe Lightroom with Scandisc Extreme 1TB problem

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Re: Adobe Lightroom with Scandisc Extreme 1TB problem

amarokWPcom wrote:

Dear Friends,

I bought a Scandisc Extreme to keep my photos and library together bc I am often mobile.

Now starting to try working with it I become aware having problöems: Lightroom doesn't want to open its library and other stuff.

Does anybody knows about issues using external devices especially the Scandisc Extreme with Adobve Lightroom?

Thanks in advance for your feedback

I don't know if this applies to the SanDisk Extreme line of flash drives but in the past I found that the SanDisk (not extreme) flash drives I tried would not work as bootable flash drives.  On the other hand, using the exact same procedure to create the bootable flash drives, PNY flash drives always worked.

Maybe the "won't work as bootable" characteristic applies to the Extreme versions also which is causing your Lightroom compatibility problems.

To be fair, I have and like USB3 SanDisk Extreme flash drives for file storage since they are very fast for reading and writing.  So even if you end up buying a different brand of flash drive for your Lightroom application, maybe consider keeping the Extreme drive for storing data files which includes pictures and video.


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