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Hopeful_Beginner wrote:

Hey all!

I am having a difficult time lighting my background an even white, I have read article after article, watched various adorama videos and tried for myself different techniques. I cannot light it enough, and certainly not evenly.

Here is a picture of my two Neewer tt560 speedlights at full power, pointed to last 1/3 of area to light. The diffusers are on, so the flash heads are zoomed out.

Are my speedlights too weak? I have a 300 w strobe lighting me for full body portrait, maybe I should use the strobe to light the background (with a standard reflector which I have) and use the speedlights bounced off v flats for the full length portrait lighting (catalogue photography).

Are my speedlights just useless or is it my technique?

ps. keep in mind that I am working with 3 metres of depth, I know that ideally my speedlights should be 6 ft from the backdrop (i have a seamless in my studio now) but when I will be shooting on my seamless in my basement studio, I will have, at best 5 ft for lights, and not much left between me and lights, and then between me and the camera.

1) add some diffusion to your lights. This can be tracing paper or even a Kleenex tissue.
2) back the lights away from the wall. Ideally, they should be far enough that when you point the lights at the center of the area you want to light, the area is evenly lit.

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