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Re: White background

You need to diffuse the light a lot more than you are.  And you can't point the light directly at the background.

Ideally, you would use a large strip light and a reflector on each flash, and then aim the flashes at the opposite corners.  Light on the near corner would be reflected from the scrim, and also from the direct light of the opposite flash.

For portable use, I take a similar approach.  You need to mount the flashes so the flash head is vertical, not horizontal.  This gives a better vertical spread.  Use the diffuser on the flash head.  And then mount a reflector on the flash head.  Aim at the far corner, adjust to even the lighting out as much as possible.  The refletors I use are just white poster board, cut so there is a tab that allows mounting to the flash head with a rubber band or strap.  Bigger is better, but I get decent results with 6" x 8" size.

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