Nice "pop" to this lens

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Re: Nice "pop" to this lens

Harold66 wrote:


This is soooo weird . None of the images posted in the last 4 replies seem very sharp. As a matter of fact , I noticed something which is very bad

Unless the images were postprocessed , several images including the one with the mushrooms are only somewhat sharp in the center and everything else is unsharp .

There are many lenses out there which are less sharp in the corners at full aperture , especially the ones which rely a lot on autocorrection for vignetting

but here we are not talking about corners , just off center

Hopefully someone can post better examples because here the pics shown would indicate really poor results for that lens


I agree, none of those images except the first one have 3D pop (to me at least) and are somewhat soft. The one with the mushrooms does look like its been photoshopped.

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