GR3 really worth over the GR2?

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Re: GR3 really worth over the GR2?

Harold66 wrote:

schaki wrote:

The original aps-c GR have problem with stuck shutter which occur some time after about 10k exposures. Although it is a designflaw and seemingly enough well known, Ricoh have as far as I know not made some statement that them will repair it on goodwill.

So these with expired warranty will have to pay a high price to get it repaired.

Does it matter now ? I mean the GR has been discontinued for more than 2 years so every camera will be out fo warranty by now , correct?

The problem is that the stuck shutter issue isn't handled on goodwill as it should be since it obviously is a flaw in the design. Buying a used GR is not a good idea then as it can turn into an paperweight which would be expensive to get repaired.

Better go for a GRII or GRIII instead.

I have not heard about this problem regarding the GRII however so that would definitely be the one to go for of those two. Especially as it have some other improvements which other have mentioned.

Yes and you can still get the GR2 new. As much as Like the GR and GRII I would not buy this camera used


Neither would I buy a used GR unless it is one which already have had the lens-assembly replaced.

I don't remember what the repair cost, only that it was ridiculously expensive. It is shameful of Ricoh to handle a design-flaw like that and rip people off like that, those which had expired warranty.

Just thinking about Fujifilm with their original X100 and the Sticky aperture problem which needed lens-assembly replacement as well. I don't remember for certain if them repaired those with expired warranty free of charge or not. But at least I believe so.

Ricoh has as far as I know not even admitted that there was a problem or I have missed that statement if there has been some.

I'm disappointed with that because in the past Ricoh handled such repairs the way it should be. Even when it not was their fault but in fact Sony which had messed up. Ricoh used some 1/2.7" 3mp ccd in no less than 7 cameras. Some of them like RR30 sold very well while there also was the rugged 300G and 400G Wide which probably not sold quite that well but still was good cameras.

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