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It's more a case of working with what you have.

To get a pure white background, in camera you need to raise the reflective reading of the background in relation to the subject aperture setting. By using a method made notable by Dean Collins you can literally change a black background to white, and a white background to black. Google Dean Collins Chormozones. It only takes a 2 1/3 stop increase in the reflective reading to raise an 18% gray background to pure white. I have 3 backgrounds that I use the most one black, one gray and one white. With gels I can make any color or saturation I want. However depending on your location and the availability of lights that may or may not be a problem. The Inverse Square Law, comes into play with your background as the smaller the light source coupled with distances results in rapid falloff or decrease in intensity. You can increase the size of your light by adding a reflector, like an umbrellas, or firing the speedlight at a large white reflector, or a shovel reflector like these if you're only lighting a small area behind your subject.

The other thing is depending on the subject it's possible to shoot your subject right up against a white background and clean it up post. There's a ton of different ways, in both Lr and Ps. For example here's a 10 second way in Ps, using a white fill layer, set to overlay, and adjusting the blending If. I'ts easy to mask out the effect on the subject.

Or another quick seconds method in Lr using a radial filter and adjustment brush to clean up.

Since you're cramped on space the up close method might well be the best, then correct post.

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