Adobe Lightroom with Scandisc Extreme 1TB problem

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Richard James Regular Member • Posts: 283
Re: Adobe Lightroom with Scandisc Extreme 1TB problem

amarokWPcom wrote:

I bought a Scandisc Extreme to keep my photos and library together bc I am often mobile.

You successfully copied all the catalog files to the drive?

Now starting to try working with it I become aware having problöems: Lightroom doesn't want to open its library and other stuff.

How are you starting Lightroom?

Does LR know where the catalog is now, the drive letter has changed so it needs to know where to look?

If you are relyi,ng on "open last catalog used" in LR preferences, where that catalog was on a different drive it will fail....

Does anybody knows about issues using external devices especially the Scandisc Extreme with Adobve Lightroom?

I've used LR with catalogs on various devices, including mapped drives (yes, there is a trick to make that work).


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